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Payment Method

For security need, www.lagoonexplorerhalong.com prefers your payment by the following methods:

1. Credit card payment:

We accept VISA, MARTERCARD. Please note that there is a surcharge 3% of the bank fee for Visa and Master card payment. Kindly follow the following instructions to complete the payment process. After receiving your, we will send you an invoice for your accounting purpose by fax or email.

* Print out the Form of  Authorization letter and fill out all required information together with your signature.
* Please enclose: one copy paper of the credit card both side and one copy of the passport (first page) with identify and photo.
* Print out the Letter of Aproval and fill out all required information together with your signature (except the date).
* Kindly note that the charge of your card will be appeared as Halong Cruise Co, ltd.

Please send two above forms and the copies to fax number: 84.4.37475878, or scan them then send by email to: sales@fareastour.com.vn

2. Send money via PayPal

When you receive our proposal with quotation. In the email body, you will see a link, click on it you will be taken to the secure PAYPAL web site to make payment. If you are a PAYPAL member simply follow the usual system. If you are not a member it's easy to join and it's free!

If you already have a PayPal acount, please pay us directly to pay@fareastour.com after logging in your account at http://www.paypal.com

Please note that Paypal fees will be charged on your account. It means you must add PayPal fees when you pay us through this secure Paypal system.

Details of PayPal fees:

* If you transfer money from an USD account opened in the USA, simply add 2.9% amount + US$ 0.3 as PayPal fees in your total amount.
* If you transfer money from an USD account opened outside USA, add 3.9% + US$ 0.3 as PayPal fees in your total amount.
* In case the transfer is done from a Non-USD account, please add 3.9% + 2.5% (exchange fee) + US$ 0.3 as PayPal fees in your total amount.

To reduce the complication for you, our customers, we will count this fees and add when asking for your Deposit or Payment.

Note: When either PayPal or Halongcruise has reason to believe that the payment you made is fraudulent, we reserve the right to hold your bookings and require another method of payment

3. Send money via Western Union

Please use our information hereunder:

First name: Cong
Last name: Nguyen Thanh
Address: Numéro 05, Rue Ly Nam De, District Hoan Kiem, Ville Hanoï, Pays Vietnam
City: Hanoi
ID number: 111 345 677
Phone number: +84 913 005 974
And send us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and secret code (if needed) after your sending money.

4. Bank transfer and Cash.

Except for cash payment, bank fee charge may apply (any bank charge must be borne by customers). Our bank account details are as follows:

IBeneficiary name: Nguyen Thanh Cong Beneficiary Account number: 41670409 Bank name: Asia Commercial Bank Bank address: 44/42 RUE NGUYEN PHONG SAC, CAU GIAY DISTRICT, HANOÏ, VIETNAM. Bank swift code or Bank code for transfer: ASCB.VNVX Website: http://www.acb.com.vn

Cancellation/ Refund

If unexpected circumstances should arise and impact your holiday plans, we would be glad to assist you with the cancellation procedures and refund your money. Our rates of refund are derived from our suppliers' requirements, and can be summarized as follows:

    * 30 Days before trip commencement: 80% will be refunded
    * 14 Days before trip commencement: 70% will be refunded
    * 7 Days before trip commencement: 60% will be refunded
    * No refund for cancellations within 2 days before departure.

For authentication purposes, only written cancellation notices (e-mail or fax) will be accepted. The refund will be made through bank transfer or credit card, depending on the original method of purchase. Bank fees, if applicable, will be for your account.