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The Paloma is a brand new Chinese wooden junk crewed by a professional, loyal and dedicated team
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Dragon pearl cruise
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Famous Destination

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, closed to the coast of Ha Long Bay. The 100-meter-wide-sandy beach spans over 500 m. Early in the morning or in late afternoon, thousands of people liven up the atmosphere here. Other languages: Dschunke Halong bucht | 天堂峰悅號遊船 | 越南西贡旅游 ...

Tuan Chau Island

On the south-west side of Hạ Long City it is Tuan Chau Island, a schist island, very pretty, with a luxuriant forest. It has an area of 220 ha, and to the east and south are two beaches endowed with very white and fine sand. In 1962, Ho Chi Minh visited Ha Long Bay and made a stop here for vacation. Nowadays, Tuan Chau Island is one of ...

Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, it has an area of 11km², and features eight populated hamlets. Quan Lan Island stretch toward East – West from the foot of Van Don Range to the Got Mount with many high mountains to the east barring waves and winds, protect the villages. Other languages: Dschunke Halong bucht ...

Dau Go Cave

The grotto is on Driftwood Island. Seen from afar, the entrance to the grotto appears to be blue, and has a shape similar to that of a jellyfish. After 90 steps up the island, the entrance is reached. The ceiling of the grotto is about 25 m high. Hundreds of stalactites falling down from the roof of the grotto look like a waterfall.