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Falls Sie Informationen über halong bay vietnam suchen, klicken Sie auf diesen Link
Le Circuit Delta du Mekong est très confortable.
Le lac ba be - site attrayant plein de charmes
Visiter de la baie d'halong terrestre 2 nuits avec bons plans

Floating Markets

Want to visit a market that is as intriguing as it is charming? Then do plan to drop into a floating market. Yes, these are full-fledged markets run entirely on boats! All you have to do is head for the Halong Bay where you'll see countless boats offering delectable snacks to eat.

As the gentle waves of the water rock the little boat, you are served whatever your heart desires - chips, beer, seafood, sweets and much more. Some of these boats also offer a unique way of enjoying seafood where the fish is caught right in front of your eyes and then cooked to perfection in the sauce you want. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

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